Frequently asked questions

1 - How to start?

Register your account on our platform. After registration, you will be able to participate in auctions and make bids.

2 - How to apply for the auction?

Each auction announcement will have the date by which individuals may apply for the participation in the respective auction.

3 - Who can participate in the auction?
Auctions are open to both physical and legal persons registered on the Clartey’s website.

4 - Can I participate in the auction if I have not registered?

An unauthorized user has the opportunity to view auction ads, to view images and descriptions of the specific ad. To participate in the auction, you have to register on the Clartey’s website.

5 - How does bidding work?

After signing in to your profile, the respective participant will be able to bid. The bidding process will only take place electronically by clicking the appropriate button in the bidding window.
If you make a bid, it cannot be revoked or changed. During the auction, the bidder sees the amounts he or she has offered and those of others, as well as the bid registration time in a chronological order, but does not see the name of other bidders.
If, after clicking the "Bid" button, the currently highest bid is already added, the "Bid" button will not be active until another bidder bids.

6 - If someone makes a last minute bid, will I be able to rebid after the auction time has ended?

If the bid is made in the last minute of the auction, the auction is automatically extended by +5 minutes. If no more bids are made during that time, the auction is closed with the last highest bid.

7 - What happens after the auction is closed?

After the closure of the auction, we'll contact the winner of the auction to agree on the procedure for the transaction, which depends on the auction item.

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